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Nature kind of blows my mind... Deeply inspired by all things natural and animal, I am an illustrator, a designer, and a generator of unique content that merges the lines between art, design, and science. Using the tools of the 21st century, and aesthetics that transcend textbooks, I seek to encourage curiosity and revive the citizen naturalist.

Illustration inquiries - please contact me, I'm always excited to discuss a new project. If you've got an animal story to tell, a science adventure to explore, or a creature feature to illustrate, please get in touch - let's work together! More of my work can be found in my online portfolio (listed above).

Please Note:
All artwork, photos, text and layouts displayed on this blog that are not clearly attributed to another artist are solely copyright Natalya Zahn. While I would be happy for my images and writing to be shared, reposting or publishing of any kind without citing proper credit is strictly prohibited.